Partners Making A Diffrence - Why Give?

Equip Leaders

ECU wants to serve students from across Jamaica and Caribbean who will be the future leaders of their communities. Your support will fund scholarships and provide opportunities for invaluable learning experiences and personal encounters with God.

Connect with the Best

Engaging the best faculty and staff is central to providing an environment where faith and learning are integrated. When you do something, you will enable us to attract and recruit the best team.

Undeniable Future

We believe that God has a plan for the common good. It is hopeful and abounding with life. When you DO SOMETHING, then, together, we will make a godly difference in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Your support will propel ECU graduates forward, into such areas as Education, Business, Technology, Family and Community Development, Government and Liberty, and Music and the Arts, to make a lasting difference for the glory of God.

“Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands.” Isaiah 42:12 KJV

Do something: enrol, donate, volunteer or sponsor a student. 

  1. Direct Bank Deposit: FCIBC Account #1002217252 
  2. Online Bank Transfer Transfer: FCIBC Account #1002217252  Use Swift Code FCIBJMKN 
  3. By Cheque: Payable to “Send the Light Ministries”  Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 6525, Little River P.O., Rosehall, St. James
  4. Use GIVELIFY online (Major Credit Cards Only).
  5. Use Paypal online  ( Major credit cards only)
  6. Questions or Pick up? Call our office at (876) 953-8596  and we will make the arrangements.


Two Ways To Donate Today

Please note:
Emmanuel Caribbean University operates under Send the Light Ministries in Jamaica. Send the Light Ministries Jamaica (No: CA100-344C ) is a registered religious, charitable institution under the Charities Act. Under Section 13(1)(q) of the Income Tax Act, any institution or organization established and operated exclusively for charitable or educational purposes and is registered as a charity under the Charities Act, is able to accept donations and provide a receipt which allows donors to claim the donation as a deduction, provided it does NOT exceed one-twentieth (1/20) of statutory income.
HOW TO GIVE FROM THE USA (and other Countries outside of Jamaica)
  1. Direct Bank transfer via ZELLE: 941-249-3973 to Emmanuel Caribbean Fellowship’s Bank of America Account  
  2. Give Online using GIVELIFY  or  Paypal
  3. By CHEQUE: Payable to: “Emmanuel Caribbean Fellowship.” Mailing Address:  Box 380138 Murdock, Florida 33938  
  4. Other? Contact us at (941) 249-3973 or (941) 769-2166 or in Jamaica at (876)953-8596.
Please note:
You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your gifts. Emmanuel Caribbean Fellowship is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Non-Profit Organization and is covered under the Group Ruling Number 1620 (The Fellowship Network) and is exempt from Federal Income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.