Saturday School 2024

Starting July 6, 2024

10-weeks for each Trimester and Module

Time: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Certificates in Ministry

– 3 Trimesters

Diploma in Ministry

– 5 Trimesters

Advance Diploma and/or Bachelor in Ministry

– 5 Trimesters and 5 Modules

Typical length: 2 years.


$7500 ($50 US) per Trimester and $9000 ($60 USD) per Module.

Most courses are eligible for matriculation to Emmanuel Caribbean University and other external Christian colleges and universities.

The ISOM curriculum is offered in over 141 nations and 65 languages globally, including in at 3 locations in Jamaica. Send the Light Ministries Jamaica (Dr. Peter Burnett) is the Regional Coordinator for ISOM. ISOM is recognized as the world’s largest video Bible School. featuring over 30 renown instructors. We provide ordinary Christians with access to the teaching and equipping ministry of over 30 globally renown instructors.